Darjeeling Kalimpong Tour Experience Snow Peaks

An Experience Surrounded By Majestic Snow Peaks


Mountains are the dream destination for the people who love to trek and all sorts of adventurous activities. Apart from the activities, they are also intrigued by the humble treatment of the local people. The food, surroundings, people make the trip even more memorable and etches your heart to visit the place many more times. If you are considering such an experience again then there is a perfect Darjeeling Kalimpong tour plan that will help you to relish those memories and if you have never had a trip before then this may become a great opportunity for them to admire the beauty of the mountains from such a close distance.

        The Darjeeling Kalimpong tour plan consists of a combination of sightseeing and activities added along with great cuisine and hospitality.

Table of Content:

1. Major attraction in this tour plan

2. Be an Explorer

3. Conclusion

The major attraction in this tour plan

There are many things included in this tour place that will be discussed below.



Toy Train

The most iconic commute in the place is Toy Train that has been featured in many travel blogs, films, shows, and even more. This is a sure shot try if you want to capture the all-around beauty of the place.

Thrill at the Ropeways

Apart from the railways, there is another way that you capture the beauty of the place through ropeways.

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

The place is a major tourist attraction for the display of many exotic animals such as the Red Panda, Snow Leopards to name a few.



As you are surely aware of the various mountain peaks present in the place that makes it an awesome destination for trekking. You can trek in the iconic Tiger Hill or the Sandakphu Peak to get an excellent view of these places.


Cactus Nursery

It is a major tourist attraction in Kalimpong and nurses a wide variety of flowers and cactuses. The cultivation is done to promote the economy of the region and most of them sold to another region of the nation.

Morgan House

The place celebrates the colonial architecture and has been transformed into a lodge by the government. This place is also known for its haunted stories that attract the attention of many tourists.

Other attractions

Similarly, like Darjeeling, this place also offers visits to mountains such as the Durpin Dara Hill and Deolo Hill to name a few. Similarly, these places also give you the opportunity to capture a holistic view of the place.

Be an Explorer

The travel agency provides you with the best experience of a systematic Darjeeling Kalimpong tour plan to cover all the points that are mentioned above along with mastered hospitality and culinary service.


The trip can be a lifetime experience so it is important to choose an experienced travel partner.

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