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Breathtaking View Of Sunrise At Tiger Hill


There are few occasions that will come to your life as a pure blessing and leave you with utter amazement. The journey towards Tiger Hill also resembles the same feeling of absolute bliss and leaves the spectators with its breathtaking sights. The view of sunrise from the Tiger Hill has been an absolute must in every Darjeeling-Kalimpong tour plan and each year there is a huge demand to witness this spectacular sight. The operators also bring out various schemes to lure in more clients so that both of them get benefited from the trip.

       This article celebrates the beauty of the sunrise from the hill spot with valuable information regarding how you can reach this place along with a short description of where you can get the most affordable Darjeeling-Kalimpong tour plan.

Table of Content:

1. What is Tiger Hill?

2. The journey towards Tiger Hill

3. Things you need to consider during the trip

4. Be an Explorer

5. Conclusion

What is Tiger Hill?

Tiger Hill is situated in Darjeeling, West Bengal, and is known for its wonderful sights of both Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Everest. The region is also famous for its sunrise and attracts many tourists all around the world.

The journey towards Tiger Hill

The journey basically starts from the Hill Cart Road of Darjeeling Town and carve our way towards Ghum. After reaching Ghum, we start to move towards the Senchal Road that paves the way towards the uphills of Tiger Hill.

  The journey should be started at 3:30 A.M sharp to witness the view at around 4:15 A.M during the summer days and you can start a bit late in the winter days as the sun takes a bit of time to rise up.

Things you need to consider during the trip

There are issues that needed to be addressed during the trip. Some of these are-

1. Never go with a high expectation

This is the first thing that needs to be considered for this trip. Darjeeling is a place that operates in different weather and altitudes. The main difficulty arises in the prediction of the correct weather. There are chances of the sudden appearance of mist and clouds that can sabotage the trip. But things may also change when you reach the pinnacle.

       So it is wise to take this journey as an experience along with less expectation to capture the perfect view of the sunrise.

2. The Seasons

During the peak seasons, it is likely to gather more tourists than usual. Since there will be more people than usual. You might be trapped in a jam in the foothills and would be traveling the rest of the distance with footsteps. So you need to start the journey early to watch the sunrise from the desired place.

Be an Explorer

Our company arranges the best Darjeeling-Kalimpong tour plan with proper facilities and affordable cost.


Sunrise at Tiger Hill is truly a wonderful experience and can only be experienced with the best tour operator.

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