Sandakphu Trek Best Time To Visit

Best Time To Visit Sandakphu


The Sandakphu trek is one of the most popular treks in the country. The popularity of the trek can be well understood as it is visited by thousands of passionate trekkers in a year. As a result, the Sandakphu trek packages is one of the most coveted packages from the tour operators of this region. The package not only helps them to earn big profits but also works in the favor of enhancing the tourism of the state.  But there are several factors that determine the pricing of the packages and among them, the seasonal time also matters. This is mainly because of the fact that the best visuals of the trek can only be experienced in that time period.

    This article provides all the insight regarding the best time to visit Sandakphu in order to get the full value of the money paid. This article also features a short description of a company that provides the best deals on Sandakphu trek packages.

Table of Content:

1. Why you should go for the Sandakphu trek?

2. What is the best time to visit Sandakphu?

3. Be An Explorer

4. Conclusion

Why you should go for the Sandakphu trek?

There must be a reason for so many people to visit and attempt the Sandakphu trek. The trek is highly famous for various reasons that can leave the readers in disbelief. Sandakphu is generally a moderate-level trek with great distance and requires multi-level planning but the end of the trek is very fulfilling and rewarding as you can witness great mountain ranges all at once. These ranges include the famous Kanchenjunga, Mt Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu. Apart from this, you can also witness the rich glory of the rhododendrons too. All these things make Sandakphu a very desirable trekking place.

What is the best time to visit Sandakphu?

You can visit Sandakphu throughout the year but there are two very important times when the beauty of the trek is at its peak. These two times are in the winter and the spring.


Here, the winters start from the month of October and remain till the mid of January. This is highly preferred because during this phase the weather is very much clear to capture the images of the mountain peaks.


Here, the spring starts from mid of March and remains till the mid of May. This time is highly suitable to witness the beautiful forest during the peak with flowers blooming now and then. The Rhododendron and the Giant Magnolia are the two important species that you should watch out for.

Be An Explorer

We are a premier name that provides the best deals on the Sandakphu trek packages. We as a company always try our best to provide opportunities to our customers to explore this place at an affordable cost and negotiation because we believe that this one of a kind of trip that remains in the memory forever.


Trips can only become memories when they are systematically planned and that can only be done through a trusted tour operator.

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