Sandakphu Trek Package Mysterious Trails Of Himalaya

The Mysterious Trails Of The Himalaya


The Himalayas which translates to ‘land of snow’ is the perfect dream destination for adventurous souls. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the treks here are known as some of the best. There are several options and you might not know which will be the best. The Sandakphu trek package is one of the favorites of trekkers and beginners. It consists of some of the best options and spots and is a must-try.

Table of content:

1. What to expect from the trek?

2. How to reach the base?

3. Essential information

What to expect from the trek?

Sandakphu is a land of wonders for trekkers. The peak is at an altitude of 11,929ft which is about 3,636 meters in the Darjeeling district. It is the summit or the highest peak of the Singalila region. The route of this trek goes through the Singalila region and thus is also called the Singalila trek.

This trek owns its popularity to the fact that the trek lets you see some of the highest peaks of the world in one single stretch along with the spectacular view of the trek. The villages and the forests that the trek covers are its main attraction. The trek route covers the Singalila national park and which has a variety of birds and animals as well.

How to reach the base?

The trek route to Sandakphu starts from a place called Manebhanjan in the Darjeeling district. This is a small town located at an altitude of 7,054ft or 2,150 meters. This is technically the gateway to Sandakphu and Singhalia. If you are traveling from the railway station which is NJP it will take you 4 hours to reach Manebhanjan. The route to this place goes via Mirik.

Sandakphu trek package often consists of pickup facilities to get you to Manebhanjan if required. You can travel to the place a day before the trek and get some quality rest before starting the journey.

Essential information

There is some key information that you need to be acquainted with when on the trek. These will help you get an idea of the essentials during the trek and make it easier for you. These include:

    It is mandatory to get yourself a guide when you are going for the Sandakphu trek. These are government-licensed guides and have IDs of their own. You can also opt for Sandakphu trek package with various Trek operators and organizations that have registered guides of their own. These people help the trekkers with the basic amenities and are acquainted with the route.
    Indian mobile phone networks do not work in the trek. Vodafone and BSNL are the only networks available. You can get a proper network once you reach Srikhola. Most of the locals here use Nepal’s mobile network services.
    There are two best times to go for the trek. One is during the month of April to May when the orchids and rhododendrons are in full bloom. Skies remain clear and the weather is warm. Another time is between October and November. This time you may get snowfall and it stays cold.
    You need to carry woolens and proper clothing that includes jackets and coats as this place is cold all year around.
    Food is basic but expensive. There is also a shortage of water.

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