Sandakphu Trek True Paradise

True Paradise For All Adventure Lovers


The definition of paradise can be well explained in simple terms as heaven or a place where one can find eternal peace and satisfaction. If this is the true meaning of paradise then Sandakphu really justifies itself as a place of paradise. Its high slopes and rough terrains also make it a great source of attraction for all adventure lovers. So the title is totally abrupt as to how Sandakphu is truly a paradise for all adventure lovers. Because of these qualities, the Sandakphu trek package is always a hot property for the tour operators to earn some quick profit and also facilitates travelers to visit the place at desirable rates.

     This article totally explains how the Sandakphu trek is one of the most rated treks in the world along with a short description of where you can get the best deals on the Sandakphu trek package.

Table of Content:

1. Why the Sandakphu peak holds a great place for all adventure lovers?

2. Be an Explorer

3. Conclusion

Why the Sandakphu peak holds a great place for all adventure lovers?

The Sandakphu peak is a very widely known peak in the world for many valid reasons. First of all, it is regarded as the highest of the state of West Bengal with an estimated height of 3636 meters high from the sea level. The height plays a very challenging role in the completion of the trip. Apart from this, there are several factors that make the Sandakphu trek special. Some of these include-

1. Rich display of natural vegetation

During the Sandakphu trek, you will come across a very famous national park known as the Singalila National Park. The park is basically located at the Singalila ridge in Darjeeling and is blessed with some of the great varieties of both plants and animals. The park is a home for plant species such as oak, bamboo, rhododendron, and magnolia and if lucky, you can also witness the exotic animal red panda too. These factors of the park can make your trek much more fun and thrilling.

2. The best view of the greatest mountain peaks

No doubt, the Sandakphu is a difficult trek but the reward is equally satisfying as it helps you to witness the four greatest mountain peaks with a great view. These famous mountain peaks are- Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, and Makalu. A glimpse of sunrise especially from Everest and the Kanchenjunga is worthy to be captured forever.

Be an Explorer

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Sandakphu is a great peak to enjoy thrill and fun but should be done under experienced supervision and that can only be provided by a well-established tour operator.

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