3 Best Wildlife Places To Explore In Dooars

3 Best Wildlife Places To Explore In Dooars


Brimming with wildlife diversity and iconic sightseeing, Western Dooars is an evergreen tourist attraction that lies in the northernmost part of West Bengal. It forms eighteen passages between North Bengal, India, and the landlocked Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan. Natural beauty makes North Bengal a jaw-dropping destination, revolving around mountain peaks, wildlife grandeur, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, and whatnot.

Map out your Dooars tour plan at the most competitive prices. Connect with a reputed tour operator, providing Dooars holiday itineraries for years. A compact trip itinerary includes quality/luxury/budget accommodations, transport assistance, outdoor activities, etc. This blog lets you know about the top wildlife spots in Dooars.

#1 Jaldapara National Park

Perched at the eastern Himalayan foothills in Alipurduar District, West Bengal, Jaldapara National Park appears to be the best wildlife attraction in the region of Dooars. Spreading across 216.51 sq. km., Jaldapara is a vast stretch of grassland adorned with patches of riverine forests.

Situated on the banks of the Torsa River, the area is home to the largest population of the Indian one-horned rhinoceros in the state. Jaldapara is indeed a paradise for bird watchers, entailing crested Eagle, Palla’s Fishing Eagle, Bengal Florican, peafowl, lesser pied hornbill, shikra, partridges, Red collard dove, Yellow-legged Green Pigeon, etc.

Among wildlife animals, you can spot sambar, barking deer,  leopards, swamp deer, hog deer, wild pigs, one-horned Indian rhinos, quail, and so forth. Famous outdoor activities in Jaldapara include jeep safaris, elephant safaris, bird watching, diving into a trip to Dooars tea estates, et al. You might go for a Jaldapara Dooars tour plan for 4 days or 2 night 3 days.

#2 Gorumara National Park                     

Gorumara National Park for the year 2009 was declared the best among the protected areas in India by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, which is an unavoidable attraction in Dooars Lataguri. The region of Gorumara sits in closer proximity to the census town of Lataguri on the fringe of settlement on National Highway No. 31.

Wide-ranging wildlife creatures in Gorumara include Sambar deer, barking deer, Asian elephants, wild boars, hog deer, leopards, Chital, Indian wolves, Indian bison, sloth bears, and so forth. Jatra Prasad Watchtower is the most famous watch tower in the region ensuring stunning sights of one-horned rhinoceros in the national park. With a budget-friendly Dooars tour plan, have the best of wildlife experiences.

Some submontane forest birds dwelling in the National Park include pheasants, woodpeckers, Ashy wood swallow, Great Indian Hornbill, Scarlet Minivet, Sunbirds, peafowls, Great Spangled Drongo, Ashy Drongo, Asian Paradise Flycatchers. Jeep safari, elephant safari, bird watching, and touring Lataguri are some of the best outdoor activities here.

#3 Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

Regarded as the extension of the Gorumara region, the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is a small-sized forest nestled in the Dooars region. From Gorumara, it takes around 20 km to approach this incredible wildlife attraction, involving a wide range of wildlife animals such as Gaur/Indian Bison, Asian elephants, wild boar, Indian deer, leopards, and Himalayan Langoor.

Some exotic species of birds residing in Chapramari involve scarlet minivet, adjacent stork, hill mayna, black partridges, roller, thrush, bee-eater, white-breasted kingfisher, green pigeon, flinch, large grey-headed fishing eagles, Indian treepie, Green magpie, etc. Check the Dooars tour package price list for a tour operator’s site and choose one best suits your venture ahead.

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