Sittong Sightseeing

Sittong or Sitonga cluster of villages in a large area that is locally known as Sittong Khasmahal located in Kurseong division of Darjeeling district. The place has become famous among tourists because it is the heart of the orange-growing area of the hills of Darjeeling. Sittong, however, has much more to offer tourists than oranges. nature is at its best and Sittong with its bounty. The area is not yet very touristy and visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature, untouched by the vices of modern tourism.


Food: You will get all types of dishes in various restaurants at Sittong.

Language: Nepali, Hindi, Bangla, English.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Sittong is the period between November to December, though the tourists can visit this place any time in the year, during the mentioned period, people can witness the beautiful sight of the valley filled with ripe oranges.

How to reach Sittong ?

The first route to reach Sittong would be by covering Sevoke and Latpanchar from Siliguri. And if you are coming from Kurseong, you can reach Sittong via Dilaram.

Attractions & Activities

Tourists can visit Kurseong, Dilaram. You can visit the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary.


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