TIGERHILL Sightseeing

Located at an altitude of 2590 meters, tiger hill is famous for its beautiful sunrise. Everyday a huge number of tourists visit this place to spectate the event. A long stretch of Himalayas is visible from this place.


Food: There are multiple cafes and restaurants available in the Tiger Hill view point that offer delicious foods to the tourists.

Best time to visit

October to November and March to May are the best two periods to visit Tiger Hill. In the monsoons and in the winters, your vision can get blocked by the clouds and fog.

How to reach Tiger Hill ?

You can book a taxi from a ClubSide Taxi Stand. It will take you to your destination via Ghoom station. It will take around 40 minutes to reach the summit from Darjeeling.

Attractions & Activities

Most of the tourists visit this place to witness the beautiful sunrise. But not just it, the destination itself gives great vibes under the Himalayas.


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