Tsomgo Lake Sightseeing

The sheer splendor of excellence is the reason to visit the Tsomgo Lake. Grand silver firs and pine trees skirt the stunning frigid lake that is just about a kilometer long. Changing seasons carry new shadings to the lake waters, from sapphire blue in spring time to a dull inky green as winter draws near. Rainstorm bring fogs that cover the lake adding to it a mysterious quality. Springtime introduces a mob of tones to the immaculate environmental elements of the lake with an assortment of blossoms. The region is brilliant with birdlife; rose finches, cowardly fantail flycatchers, brilliant falcons and a large group of transient birds like tufted pochards, brown-headed gulls and the renowned brahminy ducks. If you're fortunate you could recognize musk deers, gorals or red pandas in the higher scope of Tsomgo. There are records of panther and Himalayan mountain bear sightings as well.

Tsomgo Lake

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