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Bhutan is that the last Himalayan kingdom, masked in astonishing snow Peak Mountains and ethereal forests that make a charming landscape. But that’s not all; the unique and neatest thing about Bhutan is that it's the sole country that's 72% covered in forests making it not only carbon-neutral but the world’s only carbon-negative country. Aside from this, Bhutan may be a place where traditional Buddhist culture meets majestic fortress-like dzongs and monasteries, it's undoubtedly a magical and mystical place to be. Its unique monastic architecture and therefore the graffiti on the walls make Bhutan one of a kind. A small, landlocked country high within the Himalayas, Bhutan is one of the smallest amounts known travel destinations within the world, which actually suits its own unique brand of tourism.

Reputed to be the last Shangri La, this one among its kind country is certainly the simplest place to go to for family vacations, honeymoon tours and even for adventure holidays. And to be a neighbourhood of this fascinating place you'll have your own share of the Bhutan involvement through this guided list of the exclusive tourist attractions that you simply must visit. Bhutan, the last Himalayan Kingdom, maybe a country where you'd find happiness prevailing across! Sharing international boundaries with India and China, this picturesque piece of heaven is shrouded by the paranormal Himalayas, cuddled with pictorial plains and magical sub-alpine mountains. Amidst these miraculous beauties, one would find a variety of scenic places to go to in Bhutan. Settled across 47,, Bhutan has something for everyone! If you're on the lookout for romantic getaways, you'd find Bhutan tourist places the foremost lovable ones. For thrill-seekers, the mighty Himalayas (7,000m) and their rugged terrains would surely offer an adrenaline rush! For landscape lovers, the attractive places in Bhutan will do perpetual justice.

Best time to visit Bhutan

Bhutan's weather varies dramatically counting on the elevation. It rains all year, but the monsoon season (June-Aug) is basically wet and doubtless best avoided. Spring (March-May) is often wet, but the birds are within the song and therefore the wildflowers are out, which makes for incredible hiking, as does autumn (Sept–Nov) with less rainfall and clear skies. Winter (Dec-Feb) may be a photographer's dream with thick blankets of snow, but road closures are common and temperatures can drop below zero in the dark.

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