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With anattractive climate almost through the year, Nagaland, the land of the warrior Naga clan, is found within the northeast of India. Nagaland's 16 officially recognized tribes vary greatly in their customs and traditions that translate further into their festivals that revolve around their agricultural cycles. These festivals are celebrated with song and dance and are beautiful to observe. However, Nagaland’s best treat to tourists is that the trek to Dzukou Valley. At an elevation of 2438 mt above water level, 30 km south of the capital Kohima, the hike up and down will take you around 13 hours. Surrounded by hills, natural caves and rocks, the valley is that the most beautiful place to line up camp.

Nagaland has many places to supply to nature lovers; Japfu Peak, Dzukou Valley, Shilloi Lake are a number of places where people can find nature in its bounty. just like the other north-eastern states, Nagaland is additionally rich in culture with a spread of tribes. As all the tribes have their festivals and ceremonies, Nagaland is usually able to welcome a festival with great joy, and gaiety and food remain the maximum amount a neighbourhood of the celebration because of the dances and songs. Naga people eat almost anything that they will lay their hands on, be it dog, pork, snails or maybe an elephant and no part of the animal is wasted be it the skin or intestine. It shows what proportion they relish food and drinks. These jolly, colourful and crafty people are the soul of the state while nature attracts tourists from everywhere on the planet. Kohima also lines India’s largest rood (the largest crucifix within the world is in Indian River, Michigan). Once you visit Nagaland, confirm you save enough place in your luggage to require back a basket. Handcrafted using strips of cane and bamboo, they're aesthetically pleasing and really useful. One unusualvision in Nagaland is that the sale of cattle at Naga Bazaar that has the sale of the black dog. So, if you’re squeamish, it's advisable to avoid the market area completely.

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Nagaland consists of mountains and rivers, and this dictates its climate. The state sees high rainfall and humidity and this season is typically avoided by tourists because it's common to possess landslides and road blockages during this point. Summers are serener than the rest of India due to the high loftiness and is right for stayingin the forests and shighlands of Nagaland. Winter is that the preferable season since temperatures are low to moderate and touring the cities during this point is an absolute breeze.

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