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Northeast India has always been some extent of fascination for people across the state. It's like they're an entirely new universe, waiting to be discovered and explore. And, because of the pride of Northeast India, the ever-blooming and mounting neighbourhoods of Manipur endures to draw in tourists and travellers from around the world. Unperturbed nature in its blissful state as you pave how into the luxurious greenery and exotic cultures only increase the thrills of exploring Manipur. The place may be a revelation and will definitely be seen together exotic tourist destination in India. The bountiful scenic locales alongside myriad dwelling options will make sure that you've got the time of your life here in Manipur.Probably one among the large setbacks of designing a visit to Manipur is that you simply need enough vacation days on you. Planning a visit to Manipur for 3 days is next to impossible, albeit it's Guwahati where you reside. The place demands longer quality time from you and that we recommend you are doing just that! Now, it's time for you to see out our list of places to go to in Manipur.

Manipur, the land popularly mentioned because the ‘Switzerland of India’ is that the right tourist destination for nature lovers. Located in North East amidst breath-taking blue hills, Manipur is amazingly soul-captivating. The name in itself means ‘A jewelled land’ and it's good that the state was described as the ‘Jewel of India’ by Late Nehru, the primary Prime Minister of independent India. The state is rich in every sense, be it within the great thing about nature or the culture of the land.

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It is advised to go to Manipur during winters until the onset of summers; most suggest the duration between October to March because the ideal time to pay the state a visit. While the weather isn't so harsh throughout the year, it's considerably more pleasant and cosy during winters and really welcoming because it gets slightly warm with the approaching summers.

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